The Hiss


I awoke, as if in a nightmare, to find that humans thought cats were the pets

Calico Gothic

The cheeseburger represents catkinds decision to embrace modernity

Liquid Cats


Cats- the only creatures known to

defy the laws of physics 

Lady with a Furmine

(da Vinci)

I've held this pose for hours now and the catnip is wearing off.

Meowna Lisa

(da Vinci)

Early Renaissance

Neon Felines


60s Psychedelic 

Self Portrait

(Vincent Van Gogh)

The best things in life are a good scratching post and a pipe of catnip

Napawleon on Horse

(Jacques Louis-David)

It's only a matter of time before cats takeover the world

being a cat is simply
a social construct

These genius works of art were created by Susan Herbert

Test Page 

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